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Shane Black Website Mockup


Shane Black is an Australian entrepreneur that has been involved in building businesses for more than two decades. He helps other entrepreneurs to think bigger and achieve more by regularly speaking, writing, blogging and mentoring. Shane Black is also the founder of Black Media, so we use Shane’s brand to demonstrate everything that we can do.


Web Design
Social Media
Graphic Design
Marketing Strategy
Information Products
Video Production

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Shane has always been focused on building his own businesses, but he has always had a passion for helping other entrepreneurs to achieve more. Shane has reached a stage in his life where he is ready to give back. He is now embarking on a journey of motivating, inspiring and helping other entrepreneurs to achieve success like he has in business.


We worked with Shane Black on a big branding and marketing strategy that would help him expand his global reach to entrepreneurs. This has involved a website where Shane can blog, social media profiles built up, social media advertising, along with partnering with other entrepreneurs and influencers for writing and speaking opportunities.


Building Shane’s brand has helped him build more credibility around the world. Everything he had done in the past was behind-the-scenes, but through his personal brand people can see just what he has achieved at a young age. He gets more speaking requests and investment opportunities as a result of a strong brand and online presence.

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