About Us.

We’re a business focused on helping other businesses to grow & get results in a digital world.

Our focus is to provide holistic creative solutions that address all of our clients’ digital marketing needs. A holistic approach ensures that all bases are covered and that all marketing efforts are working seamlessly together. This is crucial in order for brands to provide a user experience that will keep their customers engaged and returning.

Our team of creative and business experts have the know-how and experience that allows us to plan, create and implement solutions that get brands noticed online. We aim to build long-term relationships and we take the time to fully understand your business before moving forward. This allows us to build solutions that integrate with your business goals along with existing systems, processes and people.

We may live in a technology-driven world, but it’s still all about people. Reach, engagement and customer service is just as important now as it was back in the analogue days. If anything, it’s more important now. It’s easier for people to find competitors, leave bad reviews and shop around.

We work with clients typically on a monthly retainer basis but we also do one-off projects. Retainers generally start from $2,000 per month and one-off projects start from $5,000. Contact us to have a chat about your business and the type of work we can help you with and the costs.

As a full-service agency with a diverse team, we can help with everything from consulting, strategy, and marketing audits through to implementation, creative design and engagement. We can also act as your outsourced marketing department with Marketing Manager.

We work with clients throughout Australia that are looking to dominate their digital marketing. From startups and small businesses through to service businesses, e-commerce and large multi-national companies. Our expertise can be applied to most industries and clients.

We’re a marketing agency, founded by an entrepreneur, that has been built from the ground up for businesses and brands.

Our Story.

We were founded by a business-minded entrepreneur who understands businesses and has been building them for over 20 years. This wealth of experience and knowledge has worked it’s way into everything that we do and is at the core of how we approach every client project.

Black Media was established with three clear goals: to provide a holistic approach to marketing solutions; to deliver real-world results that drive businesses forward; and to cut out all the time-wasting presentations and reports that are typically used by agencies and consultants.

To this day, we still look after the other brands of our founder, Shane Black. All of these brands go through our systems and processes that are proven to deliver results and drive each business forward. The key advantage to our clients is that we test everything out on these brands first to see what does and doesn’t work. Once we implement similar solutions for our clients, we already know that they will deliver results.

“I started this company out of frustration from running other retail, service and e-commerce businesses. I was spending a considerable amount of money on marketing, paid advertising and branding but was never getting the return that I felt I should have been. Most consultants and agencies would focus on one small component but that wouldn’t integrate with the overall goals and marketing strategies of my businesses. Everything was fragmented out. Black Media was created to provide a more holistic approach for businesses to get integrated creative marketing solutions.”

Shane Black, Founder